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Mark Babbitt



Mark Babbitt, keynote speakerAn in-demand speaker, Mark has been recognized by Inc. as one of the “100 Great Leadership Speakers” and as a “Top 50 Leadership Innovator.”

From large-event keynotes to team-building workshops to intimate private events, Mark has helped audiences learn how to leave Industrial Age “best practices” behind and embrace the best of the Social Age. His talks on leadership, innovation, social intelligence, and community building have turned legacy corporations, established non-profits, and industry associations upside-down. They go from thinking “That’s the way we’ve always done it” to “Look at what we can become!”

The result? More collaborative, engaged work teams capable of competing in even the most aggressive industries.

Infused with real-world examples of companies getting it right (and, yes, wrong), humor, and interaction, Mark’s talks leave audiences with plenty to think about – and plenty to do when they get back to the office.

In a practical, no-fluff style Mark helps even the most entrenched leaders and organizations see the power in becoming more than they are today. His approach is far from “those who can’t, teach.”

In addition to his work at WorqIQ, Mark is CEO and Founder of YouTern, a talent community Forbes has frequently named a “Top Website for Your Career.” He is also a founder of the community, launching in 2017 to help our military veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

Mark’s early adoption of social leadership, collaboration technology, and community building puts him in a unique position to speak with your C-suite, those attending your events, and your association members.

Mark’s speaker fees range from $10,000 to $15,000.

Lisa Snodgrass

“Mark’s message is relevant, timely and on point… and his presentation style? Well, let’s just say he ROCKS the room.”

– Lisa Snodgress, Purdue University


Keynote & Workshop Topics

In addition to 45 to 60 minute keynotes, Mark’s primary topics can be presented as highly interactive 2 to 8-hour workshops or seminars:

Social Leadership: Why is There a Blue Unicorn in the Break Room?

As we transition from the Industrial Age to the Social Age, we are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. Leaders and companies can either adapt and survive, or…

Change Champions: How to Create a Human-centered Culture, One Person at a Time

Is anything less inspiring than a CEO mandating culture change? Sure, change must be supported from the top-down. But the best kind of change comes from internal champions…

Barbarians at the Gate: Corporate Social Intelligence in Today’s Constantly Changing Marketplace

Your company’s online brand – as well as your executives’ personal brands – has never been more important. So it’s time to redefine how we think about social intelligence…

Employee Engagement Re-imagined:
How Corporate America is Getting Engagement All Wrong

Employee Engagement Re-imagined: How Corporate America is Getting Engagement All Wrong?

It Takes a Community:
The Business Benefits of Building a Sense of Community Around Your Brand

How can your company enable customers, potential customers and employees to build, maintain and leverage a community that organically champions your brands’ products or services?

Keynote & Workshop

Representative Clients

Mark Babbitt's representative clients

Julia Gabor

“Mark not only lives and breathes his message, he inspires the audience to believe that they can make a real impact. Our collegiate and professional teams love his presentations.”

– Julia Gabor, Formerly with the Tiger Woods Foundation

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