Employee Engagement

How can I cut through the noise to improve employee engagement?

How can I show employees I care? What really works – and what doesn’t?

Here’s the reality in corporate America today: For two decades, we have been talking about employee engagement ad nauseam. During that time, hundreds of millions of dollars and countless man-hours have been invested in improving employee engagement. Yet, statistically, we’ve made zero progress. Nada. Zip.

According to Gallup and The Hays Group:

Employee engagement remains at approximately the same level in 2016 as it did in 1996.”

And yet Dale Carnegie states…

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without them by 202%.”

At WorqIQ, we believe employee engagement isn’t a program; it’s a mindset. And it’s about high-quality relationships.

It’s not some grand, top-down announcement that states we suddenly care about engagement.

And it isn’t driven only by an enterprise-wide software solution that reminds one human to care about another human (“It’s Madison’s fifth anniversary… go say ‘Congratulations!’” –  #neverhappens).

Instead, we improve engagement by focusing on the way real work gets done – and where engagement matters most: the human-to-human relationships between leaders and their employees.

We show both the middle layer of management AND senior managers how to build respectful relationships and to be trustworthy partners.

We coach your management teams to use nine keys proven to boost employee engagement organically.

Engagement becomes the outcome, not the focus. Let’s cut through all the noise and hype. Let’s make a real difference.

Through effective, proven methods, let’s discuss how to increase employee engagement at your company.

The Optimistic Workplace and A World Gone Social books

Let’s Make Shift Happen.

“For change to grab hold, it needs to be contagious. It needs to be human-centered.”

The prevailing wisdom is that change should focus solely on business outcomes. We know this to be a shortsighted approach. After all, change first affects employees. If the experience is not human-centered, business results will suffer in the long run.

Furthermore, the organizations who design change in collaboration with their employees have a competitive advantage. These organizations are ready to start the tough conversations around change management. And when they do, we’re here to help make shift happen.

We Will Help You:

  • Embrace organizational culture and climate change
  • Transform your leadership team into mentors and motivators
  • Increase employee engagement (the right way)
  • Increase performance by focusing on aligned purpose
  • Inject optimism into your workplace environment
  • Create, measure, and monitor corporate social intelligence
  • Develop a sense of community among employees and customers

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