Earning Trust

Community Building

How can I improve customer loyalty, credibility, and trust?

How do I turn customers and employees into brand ambassadors?

This is a constantly-connected world where customers and potential customers can learn about you and what you stand for with a few simple clicks.  Authentically conveying who you are and what you stand for is paramount to earning respect, loyalty—and ultimately trust.

Perhaps that’s why Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, and Proctor & Gamble have invested significantly in building brand-based communities. Those organizations – and many others with far fewer available resources – have developed online communities to great benefit:

  • Building of human-to-human relationships with customers, potential customers, and industry influencers
  • Adding value to the customer experience while improving many aspects of customer service
  • Creating brand loyalty so deep that members are reluctant to switch allegiance to a competitive brand

So, what is the ROI on community building? Why should you invest in this channel unique to the Social Age? Consider this from Salesforce, which double- and triple-checked the numbers because “they were so ridiculous.”

Community members spend 2x more, and have a 33 percent higher adoption rates, than non-community members.”

Of course, this level of loyalty doesn’t develop overnight. A certain level of patience and perseverance is necessary before an ROI like this is realized. But at that tipping point, the community begins to create extraordinary business results – both online and offline.

When you’re ready to build a sustainable community, WorqIQ has the experience and know-how to help. Not just because of the clients we’ve served, but by serving as pioneers in this space. Early-adopters of online community building, we’ve created two highly successful communities, YouTern and WorqIQ (the latter previously called Switch and Shift).

Invite us to a conversation – and let’s start building your online community.

The Optimistic Workplace and A World Gone Social books

Let’s Make Shift Happen.

“For change to grab hold, it needs to be contagious. It needs to be human-centered.”

The prevailing wisdom is that change should focus solely on business outcomes. We know this to be a shortsighted approach. After all, change first affects employees. If the experience is not human-centered, business results will suffer in the long run.

Furthermore, the organizations who design change in collaboration with their employees have a competitive advantage. These organizations are ready to start the tough conversations around change management. And when they do, we’re here to help make shift happen.

We Will Help You:

  • Embrace organizational culture and climate change
  • Transform your leadership team into mentors and motivators
  • Increase employee engagement (the right way)
  • Increase performance by focusing on aligned purpose
  • Inject optimism into your workplace environment
  • Create, measure, and monitor corporate social intelligence
  • Develop a sense of community among employees and customers

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