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Shawn Murphy



shawn murphy leadership speakerA speaker known for his candor, humor, real-world research of successful companies, and use of inspirational content, Shawn has been recognized by Inc. as one of the “100 Great Leadership Speakers.”

From keynotes to workshops to private events, Shawn has helped audience members learn how to be transformational leaders to change organizational cultures. His passion and goal with every engagement: make the workplace more engaging, optimistic and productive.

A seasoned pro in front of audiences, Shawn knows people want entertainment while they learn. So, with a dash of self-deprecating humor and a ton of actionable ideas, all seasoned with surprise facts, tidbits and insights, Shawn connects with his audiences – every time.

Forget about the “sage on the stage” cliché… Shawn’s focus is to give the audience a memorable, meaningful experience.

For the past 25 years, Shawn has spent time in front of audiences helping them connect the latest leadership and business practices to practical actions. We call this “actionable inspiration.” Shawn wants audiences to walk away feeling inspired by the information, and with a sense of how to apply what they’ve learned.

Shawn works diligently to partner with you to ensure the keynote message satisfies your unique audience needs and goals. After all, Shawn isn’t just an author, speaker, or consultant. He’s a CEO himself; he’s responsible for his organization’s culture and climate. He doesn’t just present the latest information from his research or from top researchers; he uses his experiences as a leader to connect with audiences.

Shawn’s speaking fees run from $10,000 to $15,000.

Lee McEnany Caraher

“Shawn is fantastic! His full-day session was entertaining, informational and transformative for my team. Shawn makes a big impact in a short amount of time. Best investment of the year!”

– Lee McEnany Caraher, CEO Double Forte PR and Marketing Firm


Keynote & Workshop Topics

The Human-Centered Workplace: How to Make Work More Human

The workplace needs a shot in the arm, an antidote to wipe out the negativity that gets too much press. It’s time to reverse the gloomy trend and rewrite the storyline.

Positive Vibe: How Transformational Leaders Shape the Work Environment

Up to 70% of how employees feel about the work environment is shaped by the relationship with their manager. And what shapes the relationship? The leader’s style.

Leading Contagious Change: Change Management, One Human at a Time

Learn how to create a Pocket of Excellence: the nucleus of contagious change. Simultaneously, build a Coalition of Change Champions through easy-to-apply principles.

Employee Engagement Reimagined:
How to Energize Employee Commitment to Your Cause

While you invest in personal relationships as a foundation for engagement, learn to use the eight engagement keys to re-imagine how to increase employee engagement.

The Future of Work Is Driven by Meaning and We’re More Successful Because of It

Understand the powerful interplay of the three areas of meaning (social, work and personal). Learn ways to make meaning emerge through practical actions.

Keynote & Workshop Representative Clients

Keynote and workshop clients

Mara Ferguson

“Working with Shawn was wonderful! Our ZingTrain Speaker Series attendees never hold back when it comes to giving feedback – for better or worse – and Shawn received rave reviews! His content is very inspiring. Shawn is approachable and a very engaging speaker. And planning the event with Shawn and his team was easy and efficient!”

– Mara Ferguson, Keynote Liaison at Zingerman’s ZingTrain

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