Shift Happens

Culture and Workplace Climate Change

What’s the best way to make change sticky and see meaningful progress in your initiative?

How do I break down the silos and enable a mission-first, customer-driven organization?

As many organizations have learned, change mandated from the top down takes too long, is costly, and delivers underwhelming results. And we’re not surprised. After all, no one enjoys anything forced on them. People want to be involved. They want change to be “with us” and “for us” – not “at us.”

So, driving change – even when the need is obvious – requires clarity, understanding of human nature, and ownership from everyone affected.

This is why we teach Contagious Change Philosophy™.

Built on a set of beliefs that emphasize a focus on both people and business needs, we design solutions that leverage our innate human needs. Rather than becoming resistors to change, your adopters become champions of change. From the middle-out and bottom up, they will drive not just impactful, sustainable change – they will drive contagious change.

But not change for its own sake. And certainly not the lip-service variety so common in corporate America today based on theory or so-called “best practices.”

Real change. Organic change. The kind that occurs when tackling a clearly understood business problem unique to your workplace, rather than taking on a corporate-wide monolithic problem.

This is where our Solution Focused Work Groups and our Swift Action MethodSM can help most. It’s how we guide your employees to strive for quick, difference-making wins that create emulation-worthy pockets of excellence.

Our philosophy is to act as coaches and mentors, not consultants. After all, you and your team need to be set up to carry on the work after we leave.

When it comes to creating change that becomes an integral part of your company culture, consultants shouldn’t be front and center.

The Result?

Bone-deep pride, results tied to success, and a contagious positive change.

Let’s talk about bringing contagious change to your organization!

The Optimistic Workplace and A World Gone Social books

Let’s Make Shift Happen.

“For change to grab hold, it needs to be contagious. It needs to be human-centered.”

The prevailing wisdom is that change should focus solely on business outcomes. We know this to be a shortsighted approach. After all, change first affects employees. If the experience is not human-centered, business results will suffer in the long run.

Furthermore, the organizations who design change in collaboration with their employees have a competitive advantage. These organizations are ready to start the tough conversations around change management. And when they do, we’re here to help make shift happen.

We Will Help You:

  • Embrace organizational culture and climate change
  • Transform your leadership team into mentors and motivators
  • Increase employee engagement (the right way)
  • Increase performance by focusing on aligned purpose
  • Inject optimism into your workplace environment
  • Create, measure, and monitor corporate social intelligence
  • Develop a sense of community among employees and customers

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