Workplace Intelligence

Making Work Better

“Workplace Intelligence: The art of creating a better experience of work
that drives tangible business results.”


Do you know how employees really feel about working for you?
Do your people organically tap into their
collective wisdom to create cohesive solutions?
Do people feel a sense of community… of belonging?


In other words, do you know your organization’s Workplace Intelligence (WQ)?


Imagine the possibilities…


Why Choose Us?


Together, we have over 30 years of experience helping organizations just like yours create real, sustainable change.


With our Swift Action MethodSM, you’ll see progress in improving the experience of work in days and weeks – not years.


We don’t fit you into a prescribed process . . . we use methods and tools that work for what you want to achieve. Context is king.


We don’t believe in change for the sake of change. We help you create solutions that result in real, sustainable change.


We don’t see ourselves as outside consultants – we are mentors, Sherpas, and stewards.


We see your team as humans with unlimited potential – not as cogs in a machine.


We view our role as purveyors of “ah-ha” moments that inspire action and accountability.

Mark Gregory

“Culture is a long-term play, but we’ve made tangible progress since we worked with WorqIQ. You can ‘feel’ the difference as you walk the floor.”

– Mark Gregory, Premera Blue Cross, Executive Vice President, and CIO

Workplace Intelligence

The 7 Elements


About Us

At WorqIQ, we work with leaders who want to make work more human to maximize results.

We deliberately surround ourselves with professionals, partners, and clients who believe in the power of our collective potential. Rather than invest in those too willing to worship problems, we seek out people with a bias for possibility and for action. Instead of enforcing top-down mandates, we use contagious change principles and pockets of excellence to ignite progress from the middle-out. We partner with senior leaders to maximize their leadership. We use our Swift Action Method SM to help you spark results, well… swiftly.

We are not omnipresent consultants. Instead, we prefer to partner with you and your teams to design solutions that raise your company’s work intelligence. We believe if you improve the experience of work, you can make meaningful change in your company. Ultimately your customers are more satisfied. Employees have a clear purpose-orientation. Managers are more effective. What drives us is creating and implementing actionable and sustainable solutions. After all, you and your employees need to live with the solutions. Let’s make it count.

Together, we make shift happen.

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