People and Culture

At WorqIQ, we focus on the human side of business.

We are uniquely positioned to help your organization understand, and then improve, your level of workplace intelligence (WQ). We help accomplish your goals – and make a real difference – by focusing on what we’ve come to learn are the seven critical elements of WQ:

  • Culture and Workplace Climate Change
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Employee Engagement Reimagined
  • Purpose-Driven Performance
  • Optimistic Workplaces
  • Social Intelligence
  • Community Building

We are not white knights destined to slay corporate dragons. We don’t swoop in and tell you everything wrong with your organization, then leave. Throughout our work together, we help place your leadership team and key employees front and center, right where they should be.

We remember that human beings are out in front of every change management effort.

Together, we make shift happen.

Our Team


Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy

Shawn has over 25 years’ experience as an organizational and culture change practitioner, and workshop facilitator. An accomplished executive coach, and respected mentor to middle-managers, he takes great pride in his ability to develop today’s – and tomorrow’s – leaders. Because of his extensive experience and keen insight, Shawn was handpicked to join IBM’s elite New Way to Work futurist group.

Mark S. Babbitt

Mark Babbitt

After a diverse career that has taken him from engineering in Silicon Valley to all over the world as a facilitator and speaker, Mark now focuses on the role he values most: mentor. As a 30-year leader himself – from Little League coach to the corporate world to several successful start-ups – Mark enjoys helping others not just to be stronger leaders, but the next best version of themselves.



Jennypher Doan

Jennypher Doan

A self-professed knowledge junkie with a profound respect for the written word, Jennypher guides Content Strategy for WorkIQ. Inspired by the incredible creative energy that permeates life in Silicon Valley, she combined analytical skills honed in the science lab with her natural interest in business and technology. This led her to leap from biotech to software sales, and ultimately, entrepreneurship.

Powered by her daily cup of iced Vietnamese coffee, Jennypher’s antennae are always tuned to current trends and topics discussed in today’s social world. Connect with Jennypher on LinkedIn.

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis is part of the online force behind WorqIQ’s popular blog, serving as Chief Editor. He also was the Executive Editor of the popular book, “A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive”. Part-time sesquipedalian and full-time digital “man behind the curtain,” Dave considers the burrito Nature’s perfect food. He also believes there’s an appropriate movie quote for any real-life situation.

Dave is instrumental in WorqIQ success. In fact, he’s so awesome there wouldn’t be a WorqIQ without him. (And… he might have written this bio himself.)

Ron Moll

Ron Damon

In addition to his role as WordPress wizard and editor at WorqIQ, Ron Moll is a highly-accomplished freelance writer, editor, and content developer. He enjoys the written word as much as anyone on the planet. Even in his spare time – especially in the winters of northern Pennsylvania – he learns new ways to appreciate the English language.

A former actor, musician, and public school teacher, Ron has a Master’s Degree in Life from the School of Hard Knocks to go along with a Master’s Degree in English. He is a part-time poet and essayist who concentrates on finding light in the darkness.

Rewarding Results

A Shift in the Workplace

What does it take to create a great workplace?

This is not only a question we help our clients answer – it is one we constantly evaluate ourselves at WorqIQ. So we intentionally integrate philosophies we use to help our clients into our own work habits, climate, and culture.

Both in-house and with every client, our goal is to be empathetic, understanding, and human. But we’re not afraid to adopt a rebellious mindset in our joint quest for results. And while we take pride in our active listening skills, to speed the change journey along we often give direct feedback (think of Dr. Phil saying, “How’s THAT working for you?”). We’re constantly asking the “What if?” “Why not?” and “What’s possible?” questions – and we’ll help you answer them.

At all times, we live and breathe in a “no-fluff” zone that enables us to make shift happen.

We believe that is why our customers and partners love to work with us — and why many become friends and colleagues. Those relationships are also why over 90 percent of our business comes from referrals — and not through traditional advertising or hard-sell tactics.

Our Values


  • Put family first | We believe it’s critical to put family (and friends) above all else. As a team, we meet our commitments. As individuals, we do the right thing.
  • Be solution oriented | Idolizing problems impedes progress. See a problem? Suggest a solution. Can’t see a solution? Ask a fresh set of eyes to take a look.
  • Gear for growth | The elements of success change constantly. So, we must find new ways to be our best selves. We’re always growing. We never “arrive.”
  • Embrace tough conversations | Work isn’t always puppies, rainbows, and Disney movies. To achieve mutually-beneficial solutions and raise the collective work intelligence (WQ), we start the tough conversations with radical candor.
  • Work with purpose and meaning | We don’t go to work to collect a paycheck. Every day we’re ready to put a dent in the status quo.
  • Know your work | We’re in the business of transformation. We must always know the “Why” that creates significance in our work.


Why Choose Us?


Together, we have over 30 years of experience helping organizations create real change.


With our Swift Action MethodSM, you’ll see progress in days and weeks – not years.


We don’t make you fit into a prescribed process… we design change within your culture.


This isn’t change for its own sake… we help you create long-term solutions.


We don’t see ourselves as outside consultants – we are mentors, Sherpas, and stewards.


We see your team as a collection of humans with potential – not as cogs in a machine.


We view our role as purveyors of “ah-ha” moments that inspire action and accountability.

World Class

Solution Partners

As we work with clients to provide innovative change management solutions, we also work with world-class solution partners. When called upon, these firms and people bring us insights we count on. Each has earned our respect – and our trust.

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