Online Presence

Social Intelligence

How do I create and maintain a strong online presence?

While minimizing risk, how do I build an online reputation that authentically represents the brand?

In the Social Age, your online presence and digital citizenship are just as important as in-person relationships. After all, one rogue tweet or post can seriously dent your brand’s reputation.

As a result, many old-school organizations do what comes naturally to them: build higher walls around their castle; deepen the moats. But is this the best policy?

In the Social Age, when we’re expected to be more transparent and better listeners, is a stronger fortress the right answer? When something goes wrong – will higher walls keep social lynch mobs from storming the gates?

For most organizations and their executives, the answer is “no.” According to a study by Brandfog, it’s important not only to display corporate social intelligence but for company executives to lead from the front – not hide behind a deeper moat.

Roughly three-quarters of respondents believe executives who use social media to communicate the company mission and values are more trustworthy.”

This is where WorqIQ can help. We co-create an online presence strategy that helps demonstrate your organization’s social intelligence. And along the way, we help position your brand and leaders positively and authentically. As the desired traction is gained, your organization will see increased levels of trust, loyalty, and accountability.

Customers will feel more valued. Employees will become more engaged. To all stakeholders, your brand’s purpose and values will become more clear.

Let’s talk about the collective social intelligence of your brand!

The Optimistic Workplace and A World Gone Social books

Let’s Make Shift Happen.

“For change to grab hold, it needs to be contagious. It needs to be human-centered.”

The prevailing wisdom is that change should focus solely on business outcomes. We know this to be a shortsighted approach. After all, change first affects employees. If the experience is not human-centered, business results will suffer in the long run.

Furthermore, the organizations who design change in collaboration with their employees have a competitive advantage. These organizations are ready to start the tough conversations around change management. And when they do, we’re here to help make shift happen.

We Will Help You:

  • Embrace organizational culture and climate change
  • Transform your leadership team into mentors and motivators
  • Increase employee engagement (the right way)
  • Increase performance by focusing on aligned purpose
  • Inject optimism into your workplace environment
  • Create, measure, and monitor corporate social intelligence
  • Develop a sense of community among employees and customers

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