How to Understand (and Raise) Your Organization’s Workplace Intelligence

Welcome to today’s episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ! In this edition, your hosts Shawn Murphy and Mark S. Babbitt talk about improving the experience of work by understanding, and then improving, our Workplace Intelligence (or WQ).

But what does “Workplace Intelligence” really mean? To learn the answer to that question, let’s listen in!



Work That Matters Episode Highlights: Workplace Intelligence

As you enjoy this episode, you’ll learn that Workplace Intelligence – simply put – is your team’s collective Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You’ll also discover the seven drivers that impact your team’s and organization’s WQ:

  • Organizational Culture and Climate | How do we, day in and day out, get our work done? Also, what does it feel like to work here?
  • Transformational Leadership | How is leadership perceived throughout the organization? Are we managers? Leaders? Mentors?
  • Employee Engagement (Reimagined) | Are we using engagement as a management tool? Or do we care enough to actually engage?
  • Purpose-driven Performance | How aligned are we to the purpose of the organization (beyond generating profits and market share)?
  • Optimism in the Workplace | Are we intentionally creating a human-centered climate where people choose to bring their best selves to work?
  • Community Building | Have we built an organization where people feel like they are a valued member of a team; do they feel like they belong?
  • Corporate Social Intelligence | How does our organization show up, both online and within the communities we serve?

As you’ve probably gathered, Workplace Intelligence is a new way to look at the experience of work. It is a way to understand exactly how you, as a leader, can inspire your people to do their best work. By focusing on WQ, leaders can impact culture, productivity, performance, retention and so many other critical business outcomes!

Take 30 minutes or so. Enjoy the listen. And then think about how understanding WQ might positively impact your organization.

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