Why Companies That “Do Good” Finish First

Anne Bahr Thompson is a pioneer in brand citizenship, founder of the brand consultancy Onesixtyfourth, and is the author of Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit. In this episode of Work That Matters, Anne talks one-on-one with Shawn about the philosophies and practices of companies that do good and why they finish first, beating their competitors. For any organization that wants to be a revered brand, purpose must unify all stakeholders.

If you want to create a human-centered workplace or team, Anne’s insights will be useful. From knowing your personal values and how they impact your business, leaders can improve their consistency and predictability. If these outcomes sound odd or strange, consider this: When you and your team go through tough times, can they anticipate how you’d respond? If you answer yes, then you’re likely to have consistent and predictable leadership practices.


Work That Matters Episode Highlights: Companies That Do Good

Also, in this episode, you’ll learn the importance of “the brand inside.” And the topic that has leaders and employees buzzing—purpose. Anne shares how purpose nurtures profit. We’d add that purpose also helps create clarity—an organizational attribute in high performing cultures.

Other episode highlights include:

  • The ethos of doing good
  • The connection between companies that do good and doing good by employees
  • Trends in brand awareness

Connect with This Week’s Guest

You can connect with Anne Bahr Thompson in multiple ways.

Twitter: @annebt

LinkedIn: Anne Bahr Thompson

Website: Onesixtyfourth.com

Purchase Anne’s book, Do Good, wherever books are sold.

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