Organizational Change: How Responsive is Your Company? [Infographic]

The thought of organizational change can scare even the most accomplished leaders. But it can also create a feeling of insecurity for everyone else in the organization.

So the question becomes: How ready is your organization for real change?

Organizational Change: The Darwin Approach

To simplify the thought of organizational change, and to apply the Darwin approach to make change a little less scary, we present this infographic from Line-of-Sight and the Newberry Group.

Here, you’ll learn about the drivers of change as well as the three key ingredients to change. You’ll also come to understand the high cost of not changing, which certainly creates a certain sense of urgency. Next, you’ll learn about how change starts and the tools you might need along the way. Finally, learn more about the deployment of change and how to measure impact and success.

The reason we love this infographic is the simple approach to change. After all, change itself doesn’t have to be complicated. But we must make sure that our leaders and employees are responsive to the idea of change in the first place. Then, as the leaders of change, we must help them understand the “why” before we dive into the “what” and “how.”

Take a look. Think like Darwin. And then decide how responsive your organization is to change.


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