How to Make Work Thrilling with Scott Mautz [Podcast]

In this episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ, our old friend Scott Mautz joins us to talk about how to make work thrilling…

“Inspiration is a three-beers-in guitar solo,” writes author and speaker, Scott Mautz.

Mautz, a retired Proctor and Gamble executive, describes that feeling when we turn down the volume of our rational mind and let “feel” take over actions. Admittedly, our friend may have the more relatable and fun description of inspiration. The point, however, takes the form of a question: Do you experience a state of flow when you enjoy how you do your work? Can you figure out how to make work thrilling?

Two chronic concerns in companies across the country are high stress levels and employees feeling overwhelmed. These definitely are two buzz-kills to finding your work thrilling, inspiring, motivating . . . you get the point.

So, what do you do?

In his latest book, Find the Fire, Mautz shows the indifference in our attitudes towards work some much-needed guidance. After all, work does not need to drain your soul of hope. Your colleagues can also be your friends. And your boss? Well, he or she is actually useful and helpful.

Sound too good to be true? Take a listen to this week’s episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ.



About This Week’s Episode

Scott Mautz believes work can be exciting. It’s a belief we share with him. Take a listen to what Mautz recommends you do to evoke inspiration at work. But be prepared to take a look at what you are bringing to the team. Are you truly doing what’s needed to do inspiring work? Where is your focus—on the outcome or shaping the workplace environment?

As a leader it is important you also experience exciting work. That feeling of excitement in our work, however, must be a two-way street. This is not only true for people-leaders (aka managers) but for team players, too.

We are increasingly doing more work in teams. So inspiring work is just as important to the team as it is for each person lifting that team up. As many leaders have learned, there is no one person more important or above the team identity and cohesion.

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So make work thrilling!

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