The Need for Human-Centered Leaders with Jacqueline Carter [Podcast]

In this week’s episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ, Jacqueline Carter joins us to talk about the growing need, and impact of, human-centered leaders in the workplace…

Navigating the constant, rapid workplace changes can leave even the most skilled leaders exhausted. Aptitude Research Partners, an esteemed human capital management consulting and research firm, performed a study. Their work documented that 67 percent of survey participants believe the quality of their work and productivity suffer because of burnout and fatigue. At WorqIQ, we maintain that human-centered leadership is an untapped solution for today’s weary managers.

Research from Deloitte finds that 57 percent of companies are unsure how to solve the overwhelming demands on its workforce. You likely know the drill: back-to-back meetings, an unending list of project commitments, coaching and mentoring staff, and on and on. While the nature of the work demands are unlikely to change, chasing a solution only adds to the distress leaders and their employees experience. Contrast this with the approach of human-centered leaders…

Today’s best leaders take time to stop. In the pause, they take time to account for commitments, workloads, and work flow. Then they evaluate how they’re meeting employees’ basic needs.

To learn how you can do to just that, check out this week’s episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ!



About This Week’s Episode

Employees’ basic needs—meaningful work, a clear sense of purpose, connection, and even a self-generated form of happiness—are also intrinsic motivators. What’s more, when satisfied each of these needs act as a way to recharge a busy employee and manager’s batteries. This episodes guest, Jacqueline Carter, reinforces the value of focusing on human needs at work.

Jacqueline Carter is a the North American Director of the Potential Project, a firm that teaches mindfulness as an organizational effectiveness strategy. Carter is also an author and has published her research in Harvard Business Review, and Mindful magazine. She has some powerful insights to share when leaders fail to take a mindful moment. In that moment, these human-centered leaders can see how best to lead and respond to today’s hectic work environments.

Elaborating on this point, you’ll also hear Jacqueline talk about three core mental qualities: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion. These qualities help broaden how leaders understand their surroundings. After all, when we are always rushing to get to the next “thing” we forget how that frenetic pace drains our energy levels, cognitive abilities, and even weakens relationships.

Leaders do not need to wait for their company to remove the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. You can be the trendsetter who finds a way to enjoy work, feel good about the quality of it, and also be available for your team, too. Pause. Observe. Respond. Most important, use the human needs of your people to guide you.

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