Learning How to Be Better Human Beings from a Computer [Podcast]

In this episode of Work That Matters by WorqIQ, Mark and I talk with Joshua Feast about how computers can make us better human beings…

If you’re a fan of dystopian science fiction, you know society has a long fascination with android takeovers. If you’re not a fan, you probably share the same aversion to a computer takeover so often found in sci-fi storylines. At the heart of this once-philosophical conversation—man versus machine—is a profound concern that we’ll become irrelevant, replaced by our own creation.

Can Computers Make us Better Human Beings?

We don’t yet need to worry about androids replacing us. However, we debate, fret, and get angry about the influence automation and artificial intelligence has on our jobs. There is a contrarian argument amidst the loud fury of public debate and outcry; computers can make us better human beings.

What if we could use AI to help customer service agents self-monitor their emotions? What if automation could also free us up from mundane tasks and allow us to be at and do our best at work: collaborate, compromise, innovate, experience emotions, show vulnerability? After all, today’s business challenges are best resolved within an optimistic workplace by our cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

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About This Week’s Episode

This week on Work That Matters by WorqIQ, we talk with Joshua Feast. Joshua is the co-founder and CEO of Cogito Corporation. From the company’s website, “Cogito enhances the emotional intelligence of phone professionals by applying behavioral science through artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

In short, Cogito has developed an AI that helps customer service agents manage their emotions when working with customers. Imagine that for a moment. You’re getting yelled at by a customer. As the tone of your voice shows sign of anger, Cogito’s software reminds you to watch your tone.

The implications and the benefits from this sort of AI and machine learning are what we discuss with Joshua. It’s also the beginning of multiple conversations we have planned with many experts.

The workplace is transforming. The tasks we do are shifting from people to machines. At the same time, we are spending more time working in teams. The benefits to companies and us are too great to ignore. So we must transform along with the ecosystem that surrounds all businesses.

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