Positive Vibe

The Optimistic Workplace: How Transformational Leaders Shape the Work Environment

Up to 70 percent of how employees feel about the work environment is shaped by the relationship with their manager.

And what shapes the relationship? The leader’s style.

This insight provides leaders with invaluable intel. That intel is what this talk is about: Showing leaders what they can do to leverage their influence with greater impact to achieve extraordinary results.

Integrating positive psychology, human development, wellbeing, and his own work with organizations, Shawn brings a fresh perspective to inspiring optimism and achieving optimum performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the “Secret Sauce” to work environment renewal and creating the conditions for an optimistic workplace
  • Understand how to use the right elements to create a contagious work environment that delights employees and inspires performance
  • Lean on practical transformation leadership actions that energize the work environment

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