Leading change management

Leading Contagious Change: Change Leadership, One Human at a Time

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed,” or so the saying goes.

The sentiment rings true, as most CEOs rank change management as one of their top concerns. It’s tough to realize organizational value when a large portion of the workforce doesn’t buy into the necessary changes.

The pace of change is unrelenting. But there are ways businesses can reduce the shock from chronic change. Leaders need to look to human nature for solutions.

Shawn uses his nearly three decades of organizational change experience to help leaders adopt a human-centered mindset for change. Using his experience as well as research from neuroscience and psychology, Shawn shows audiences how to connect with people to transform and lead contagious change.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a Pocket of Excellence, the nucleus of contagious change
  • The unstoppable influence a Coalition of Change Champions has on change outcomes
  • The change pitfalls that derail a transformational effort
  • Get emotional! Ditch conventional wisdom about change success factors and replace them with methods rooted in how people really respond and process change…emotionally.

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