Change Champions: How to Create a Human-centered Culture, One Human at a Time

Is anything less inspiring than a CEO mandating organizational culture change?

You know, where a rah-rah speech is delivered on “how we’re going to be from now on” but isn’t followed up with anything actionable or sustainable? And in some cases, the change mandate is never discussed again?

Sure, the most impactful change initiatives must be supported from the top-down. But the best kind of change comes from internal champions who lead change from the middle-out and bottom-up.

Using real case studies of companies creating systemic culture and climate change – and genuine results gained from the consulting work done by the WorqIQ team – this engaging keynote breaks change management into manageable bites.

More important: we show you how to initiate culture and climate change one human being at a time.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create an army of passionate, committed change champions within your organization
  • How to start small with change efforts – then go big with contagious pockets of excellence
  • How to use group case studies, solution-focused work groups and swift action plans to build sustainable, repeatable change
  • How middle layers of management and senior managers build respectful relationships and become trustworthy change partners
  • How transformational leadership actions energize the work environment – and lead directly to organic change

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