Workplace intelligence is the art of creating a better experience of work that drives tangible business results.
And to your organization, it means… everything.

Your employees spend at least a third of their day at work. Unfortunately, 70 percent of employees don’t have a positive experience while working. Yet, we know from research that when an optimistic climate shapes the experience of work, employee performance increases, retention improves, the quality of work goes up, and the organization is more profitable.

Combining our own research with what academics are learning about using workplace elements to drive performance, we have found that the seven elements below have a significant influence on your employees’ experience of work.

While it is difficult to focus on improving all seven areas of workplace intelligence all at once, it’s important to know which element generates the fastest momentum towards raising your organization’s collective WQ.

Let’s discuss how you can improve your workplace intelligence… and positively, even dramatically, shift your employees’ experience of work.



seven elements of workplace intelligence

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