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Webinars with Shawn Murphy and Mark Babbitt

Put WorqIQ Webinars to Work for You.

In a Bersin by Deloitte study that measured the most desirable employee benefits, 22 percent of millennials chose learning benefits over flexible work schedules (19 percent) and cash bonuses (14 percent).

WorqIQ webinars — online learning at its best — are based on our studies of results-driven leadership development and business trends.

Every webinar is a certified “no-fluff’ zone; each comes with the potential for multiple “ah-ha” moments (we’ll leave the “rah-rah” stuff to the other guys). A special brand of webinars, they’re interactive, include team learning scenarios and come with free workbooks to guide the learning experience.

Invite your employees — from the newest intern to the most senior leader — to register for one of these webinars today. (Sure, we design our webinars for leaders. But to us, everyone who steps up to make a difference is a leader!)

From one human at-a-time to large group, customized online learning solutions, we’re ready to help.

Don’t wait. Register now. And start making ‘shift’ happen in your organization!

(Yes, sometimes the ‘F’ is silent.)

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