Human Centered Workplace

How to Make Work More Human

At the workplace, is “human” a dirty word?

If you consider the bad news surrounding the workplace, it seems that it is. The bad news has an anti-human sentiment: toxic workplaces, low trust in the C-suite, low employee engagement numbers. These workplace issues affect employees’ (aka humans’) lives, growth, effectiveness and more.

The workplace needs a shot in the arm, an antidote to wipe out the negativity that gets too much press. It’s time to reverse the gloomy trend and rewrite the storyline. Let’s focus on what can be done to make work… work for humans.

Always actionable and inspirational, Shawn’s human message will delight audiences. It’s upbeat, hopeful, and very business relevant.

Key Takeaways

  • Reveal the Destructive Management practices and their impacts
  • Expand the understanding of wellbeing so managers know how to leverage its motivating influences on performance
  • Boost Belonging to strengthen team dynamics, performance and results

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