Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Re-imagined: How Corporate America is Getting Engagement All Wrong

For 30 years, companies have invested thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars to improve engagement.

The result? No improvement. None. Are we going about this all wrong?

Yes, we are.

It’s not that people don’t want to interact with their colleagues and bosses. We are social creatures. We want, and need, to connect genuinely with other people to do our best, most creative work.

The problem? Too often, day-to-day corporate culture – with its forced, artificial meetings and interactions – dampens and even blocks that genuine connection. Employees are discovering they can deepen their impact through removing themselves from an unproductive corporate culture.

They thrive when connecting with one another strategically thoughtfully, and meaningfully – both in-person and online.

In this interactive discussion, we talk about engagement not as a management tool, but from the perspective of the employee. In other words, we tackle the issue of engagement the right way.

Key takeaways include:

  • A look at the myriad tools designed to help improve engagement – that aren’t helping at all
  • An understanding that over 70 percent of employees’ feeling of engagement is directly related to their relationship to their manager
  • How to invest in meaningful relationships with employees to establish the foundation for engagement
  • How to use the eight engagement keys to re-imagine how to increase employee engagement
  • How to stop focusing on engagement as a KPI – and instead focus on creating a culture that leads to employees doing what they feel is meaningful work

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