Barbarians at the Gate: Corporate Social Intelligence in Today’s Constantly Changing Marketplace

Your company’s online brand – as well as your executives’ personal brands – has never been more important. So from the corporate perspective, it’s time to redefine how we think about social intelligence. After all, one rogue tweet or post can seriously dent your brand’s reputation.

Unfortunately, the fear of that one tweet or post going viral leads far too many legacy organizations to build a stronger fortress around their brand. But in the Social Age, when we’re expected to be more transparent and better listeners, is a stronger fortress the right answer? No, according to a study by Brandfog that concluded it’s important not only to display corporate social intelligence, but for company executives to lead from the front – not hide behind a higher wall:

Roughly three-quarters of respondents believe executives who use social media to communicate the company mission and values are more trustworthy

During this insightful talk, you and other leaders of your company gain from these takeaways:

  • How to determine your organizations’ current level of social intelligence. What works? What does not?
  • How to create an online strategy that clearly demonstrates your company’s values, purpose and culture
  • How to position the personal brands of your leadership team as not just positive, but as key ambassadors for your brand
  • How to engage effectively with customers, potential customers, employees and stakeholders
  • As the desired traction is gained, how your organization can leverage increased levels of trust, loyalty and accountability

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